Arrival of Malak-ul-Maut


Sayyiduna Yazeed Raqqaashi عَـلَیۡهِ رَحۡـمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ الۡـکَافِی has said: An extremely arrogant man of the Bani Israa-eel was sitting with one of his family members in his home. Suddenly he saw someone enter through a door. Nervous and frightened, he immediately became angry and asked: Who are you and with whose permission have you entered my home? The one who entered the home replied: I entered with the permission of the owner of this home; I am the one whom no guard can stop nor do I need the permission of any kind, the display of rank and dignity of anyone cannot frighten me. No stubborn and arrogant person can escape from me. Upon hearing this, the arrogant person felt deeply ashamed and started trembling; he then fell flat on his face. Then, lifting his head in a disgraceful manner, he said: This means that you are Malak-ul-Maut عَـلَيْـهِ الـسَّـلَام. He عَـلَيْـهِ الـسَّـلَامsaid: I am Malak-ul-Maut. The arrogant man asked: Will you allow me some time to repent? Malak-ul-Maut عَـلَيْـهِ الـسَّـلَام replied: Definitely not! Your time is over; you have taken your breaths; your time is up and now you have nothing left.
The arrogant man asked again: Where will you take me? He عَـلَيْـهِ الـسَّـلَام said: Towards those deeds, you have forwarded and towards that home you have prepared. The man said: I did not forward any good deeds nor any home.
Sayyiduna Malak-ul-Maut عَـلَيْـهِ الـسَّـلَام said: Then I will take you to the valley of Hell which cooks the flesh. Then he عَـلَيْـهِ الـسَّـلَام seized the soul of that arrogant person and he fell amongst his family members. Everyone started crying and screaming. Sayyiduna Yazeed Raqqaashi عَـلَیۡهِ رَحۡـمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ الۡـکَافِی said: If his family members had come to know about his horrible end, they would have wept even more.
– (Ihya-ul-‘Uloom, vol. 5, pp. 216)

Dear Islamic brothers! We must prepare for death before it arrives; we should also perform good deeds, leaving the sinful and heedless life that we are living, otherwise, besides the terror of the grave and the Judgement Day, we will face the horrors and agonies of death. Remember! When someone goes through the pangs of death and his soul is being ripped out, he undergoes the most difficult moments of his life. The blessed Quran mentions the agonies of death:
وَ  جَآءَ تۡ   سَکۡرَۃُ    الۡمَوۡ تِ  بِالۡحَقِّ  ؕ   ذٰ  لِکَ  مَا کُنۡتَ   مِنۡہُ    تَحِیۡدُ
“And the hardship of death came with the truth; this is what you were escaping from!”
(Part 26, Surah Qaaf, verse 19) 

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