(Bang-e-Dra-163) (طلوع اسلام) Tulu-e-Islam

طلوع اسلام

دلیل صبح روشن ہے ستاروں کی تنک تابی
افق سے آفتاب ابھرا،گیا دور گراں خوابی

The fading glitter of stars is the signal of a bright dawn; the sun has risen from the horizon, the time of deep stupor is gone!
عروق مردئہ مشرق میں خون زندگی دوڑا
سمجھ سکتے نہیں اس راز کو سینا و فارابی

Life-blood has started flowing through the dead arteries of the East; this secret is incomprehensible to Sina and Farabi!
مسلماں کو مسلماں کر دیا طوفان مغرب نے
تلاطم ہائے دریا ہی سے ہے گوہر کی سیرابی

The storm of the West has made the Muslim into a real Muslim; only the upheavals of the sea bring the pearl’s beauty to its perfection.
عطا مومن کو پھر درگاہ حق سے ہونے والا ہے
شکوہ ترکمانی، ذہن ہندی، نطق اعرابی

The Muslim is to be endowed again from the God’s Court with Turkoman’s dignity*, Indian’s intellect**, Arab’s eloquence.***
* They are members of any of the chiefly Muslim Turkish tribes inhabiting Turkomanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakistan. During the period of the zenith of the Muslim world the people of this region were a formidable force and ruled over a vast territory from Central Asia to India. They were very much respected for their prowess and political power. **In ancient times in the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. India was famous for its learning and intellect. In this respect it was one of the five prominent cultures of that period, viz. Indian, Greek, Zoroastrian, Egyptian, and Chinese. ***In the pre-Islamic as well as in the early Islamic period Arabs were famous for their proficiency in language. They were so proud of the richness, prosody and rhetoric of their language that they called other nations as dumb and mute (`ajam). This word became and still is synonymous with “non-Arab” though the epithet no longer applies.)
اثر کچھ خواب کا غنچوں میں باقی ہے تو اے بلبل!
نوا را تلخ تر می زن چو ذوق نغمہ کم یابی

If some slumber is lurking still in the flower buds: ‘Strike the beat harder if the taste for music is lacking’.*
* This is the first line of a verse of the famous Persian poet of India, Saiyyid Muhammad Jamal al-Din Urfi. The complete verse is as follows: Strike the beat harder if the taste for music is lacking; strike livelier the marching songs if the load is heavy.)
تڑپ صحن چمن میں، آشیاں میں، شاخساروں میں
جدا پارے سے ہو سکتی نہیں تقدیر سیمابی

Jump restlessly in the garden, in the nest, in bowers: it is impossible to deprive mercury of its restlessness.
وہ چشم پاک بیں کیوں زینت برگستواں دیکھے
نظر آتی ہے جس کو مرد غازی کی جگر تابی

Why should the eye used to chaste things see coat of arms when it is able to see the valour of the Ghazi’s * soul!
* Muslim fighter in the cause of God)
ضمیر لالہ میں روشن چراغ آرزو کر دے
چمن کے ذرے ذرے کو شہید جستجو کر دے

O God, light the candle of Longing in the tulip’s heart; make every speck of garden’s dust a martyr searching for the Truth.
سرشک چشم مسلم میں ہے نیساں کا اثر پیدا
خلیل اللہ کے دریا میں ہوں گے پھر گہر پیدا

The effect of spring showers exists in the Muslim’s tears. Pearls are to be produced again in the ocean of Ibrahm A.S.
(Nesan: This is the spring rain. In Persian and Urdu legends its drops are believed to produce pearls in some bivalves. The metaphor means that the tears produced by the Muslims’ eyes as a result of the calamities they are facing will result in pearls, i.e. their apparent calamities will soon turn into successes.)
کتاب ملت بیضا کی پھر شیرازہ بندی ہے
یہ شاخ ہاشمی کرنے کو ہے پھر برگ و بر پیدا

The Book of the Muslim nation is being organized again! This Hashimite Branch is going to blossom again!
(Hashimi, ‘Hashimite Branch’ or Bani Hashim: This is the branch of the Ismelite section of the progeny of Ibrahim A.S. As the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) belonged to Bani Hashim the term is extended to all Muslims.)
ربود آں ترک شیرازی دل تبریز و کابل را
صبا کرتی ہے بوئے گل سے اپنا ہم سفر پیدا

The beloved of Shiraz has won the hearts of Tabriz and Kabul! The zephyr produces its fellow traveler from rose’ fragrance!
(Turk-i Shirazi: This refers to Shaikh Musleh al-Din Sa`di Shirazi. His poetry is very popular among all Muslims including Afghans, which is a sign of the attachment of Muslims to their heritage.)
اگر عثمانیوں پر کوہ غم ٹوٹا تو کیا غم ہے
کہ خون صد ہزار انجم سے ہوتی ہے سحر پیدا

The avalanche of calamity over Uthmanis is not to be bereaved as the dawn is produced after destruction of myriad’s of stars!
جہاں بانی سے ہے دشوار تر کار جہاں بینی
جگر خوں ہو تو چشم دل میں ہوتی ہے نظر پیدا

Insight into the world is more difficult than the world’s sovereignty! Insight is produced only when the heart melts into blood!
ہزاروں سال نرگس اپنی بے نوری پہ روتی ہے
بڑی مشکل سے ہوتا ہے چمن میں دیدہ ور پیدا

For thousands of years narcissus bemoans its lack of luster: the discerning person is produced in the garden with difficulty.
نوا پیرا ہو اے بلبل کہ ہو تیرے ترنم سے
کبوتر کے تن نازک میں شاہیں کا جگر پیدا

Sing O Nightingale so that with your modulations the falcon’s heart in the pigeon’s frail body be produced.
ترے سینے میں ہے پوشیدہ راز زندگی کہہ دے
مسلماں سے حدیث سوز و ساز زندگی کہہ دے

Concealed within your heart is the secret of life. Relate to the Muslim the traditions of pathos of life.
خدائے لم یزل کا دست قدرت تو، زباں تو ہے
یقیں پیدا کر اے غافل کہ مغلوب گماں تو ہے

You are the potent hand and the word of the Eternal God O imprudent one! Develop Faith as you have been overcome with doubts.
(This verse stresses the importance of Aman in achieving success.)
پرے ہے چرخ نیلی فام سے منزل مسلماں کی
ستارے جس کی گرد راہ ہوں، وہ کارواں تو ہے

The Muslim’s destination is beyond the azure colored sky; you are the caravan the dust of whose trail are stars!
مکاں فانی، مکیں آنی، ازل تیرا، ابد تیرا
خدا کا آخری پیغام ہے تو، جاوداں تو ہے

The house is ephemeral, the dweller is momentary, yours are the Beginning and the End. You are the Final Message of God and you are eternal!
حنا بند عروس لالہ ہے خون جگر تیرا
تری نسبت براہیمی ہے، معمار جہاں تو ہے

Your life-blood adorns with myrtle the bride called tulip! Your origin is from Ibrahim, you are the world’s architect!
تری فطرت امیں ہے ممکنات زندگانی کی
جہاں کے جوہر مضمر کا گویا امتحاں تو ہے

Your nature is the custodian of all life’s possibilities; so to say you are the touch-stone for world’s hidden jewels!
جہان آب و گل سے عالم جاوید کی خاطر
نبوت ساتھ جس کو لے گئی وہ ارمغاں تو ہے

From the material world to the Eternal world, you are the gift which the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) took!
یہ نکتہ سرگزشت ملت بیضا سے ہے پیدا
کہ اقوام زمین ایشیا کا پاسباں تو ہے

The history of the Muslim nation reveals the secret that you are the protector of the nations of Asia.
سبق پھر پڑھ صداقت کا، عدالت کا، شجاعت کا
لیا جائے گا تجھ سے کام دنیا کی امامت کا

Learn again the lesson of Truth, Justice, and Bravery! You are to be entrusted with the world’s leadership!
یہی مقصود فطرت ہے، یہی رمز مسلمانی
اخوت کی جہاں گیری، محبت کی فراوانی

This alone is the creation’s objective; this alone is Islam’s secret that there should be universal brotherhood, abundant love!
بتان رنگ و خوں کو توڑ کر ملت میں گم ہو جا
نہ تورانی رہے باقی، نہ ایرانی، نہ افغانی

Breaking the idols of race and colour merge into the millat; there should be neither Turanian, nor Iranian, nor Afghanian!
(Turani: The term applies to any of the peoples who live in Turan, which is the region north of the River Oxus.)
میان شاخساراں صحبت مرغ چمن کب تک!
ترے بازو میں ہے پرواز شاہین قہستانی

How long the companionship of garden’s birds inside the garden’s confines? Your wings are capable of the flight of Quhistan’s falcon!
(Quhistan: This is a tract of land in Kerman, now in Iran. The falcons of Quhistan are famous for the elegance and swiftness of flight.)
گمان آباد ہستی میں یقیں مرد مسلماں کا
بیاباں کی شب تاریک میں قندیل رہبانی

In the world of existence full of doubts, the Muslim’s Faith is like a beacon of light in the dark night of the wilderness.
مٹایا قیصر و کسری کے استبداد کو جس نے
وہ کیا تھا، زور حیدر، فقر بوذر، صدق سلمانی

What could demolish the grandeur of Qaiser and Kisra? Nothing but Haider’s prowess, Bu Dhar’s faqr, Salman’s truth.
(Qaiser-o Kisra: The Caesars of the Roman Empire and the Persian Emperor in whose reign Iran was conquered by Muslims. Haider: Another name of Ali R.A. Bu Zar: Well known companion of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) who is proverbial for his piety, which includes Salman: Salman Farsi R.A.)
ہوئے احرار ملت جادہ پیما کس تجمل سے
تماشائی شگاف در سے ہیں صدیوں کے زندانی

With what dignity did the free men of the millat march out? The centuries-old prisoners are only watching the spectacle through door’s crevices!
ثبات زندگی ایمان محکم سے ہے دنیا میں
کہ المانی سے بھی پائندہ تر نکلا ہے تورانی

Stability of life in this world is bestowed by firm Faith; the Turanian has proved even longer lasting than the German.*
* Reference to the continuation of war by the Turks against Greeks after the formal termination of World War I. As the Greeks were fighting on the strength of British support this was really a war against the British, who were a world power at that time.)
جب اس انگارئہ خاکی میں ہوتا ہے یقیں پیدا
تو کر لیتا ہے یہ بال و پر روح الامیں پیدا

When Faith is created in this earthly ember; it itself creates wings and plumage of Jibril!
غلامی میں نہ کام آتی ہیں شمشیریں نہ تدبیریں
جو ہو ذوق یقیں پیدا تو کٹ جاتی ہیں زنجیریں

Neither swords nor plans are of any avail in slavery; chains are cast away when taste for Faith is created.
کوئی اندازہ کر سکتا ہے اس کے زور بازو کا
نگاہ مرد مومن سے بدل جاتی ہیں تقدیریں

Can anyone assess the strength of his arms? Destinies are changed by the Believer’s mere glance!
ولایت، پادشاہی، علم اشیا کی جہاں گیری
یہ سب کیا ہیں، فقط اک نکتہء ایماں کی تفسیریں

Sainthood, sovereignty, the universality of material knowledge: What are all these except unraveling of the secrets of Faith!
براہیمی نظر پیدا مگر مشکل سے ہوتی ہے
ہوس چھپ چھپ کے سینوں میں بنا لیتی ہے تصویریں

It is however difficult to develop Ibrahim’s vision; greed creates subconscious images stealthily in the vision!
تمیز بندہ و آقا فساد آدمیت ہے
حذر اے چیرہ دستاں! سخت ہیں فطرت کی تغریریں

The ruled and ruler’s discrimination is the bane of humanity. Beware; O oppressors the punishments of God for this are severe!
حقیقت ایک ہے ہر شے کی، خاکی ہو کہ نوری ہو
لہو خورشید کا ٹپکے اگر ذرے کا دل چیریں

The essence of everything is the same, be it of dust or light; Sun’s blood would drip by cutting the core of dust’s speck.*
(Allusion to the creation and existence of the spiritual universe, which also contained angels, made of light, and the material universe, which includes Man made of dust. This verse, read with the previous one means all creation of God is equal.)
یقیں محکم، عمل پیہم، محبت فاتح عالم
جہاد زندگانی میں ہیں یہ مردوں کی شمشیریں

Firm Faith, constant struggle, Love, conquest of the universe; these are the swords for the brave men in the battle of life.
چہ باید مرد را طبع بلندے، مشرب نابے
دل گرمے، نگاہ پاک بینے، جان بیتابے

What is expected from the brave? High disposition, sincere creed, warm heart, immaculate vision and restless soul!
عقابی شان سے جھپٹے تھے جو، بے بال و پر نکلے
ستارے شام کے خون شفق میں ڈوب کر نکلے

Those who had attacked like eagle emerged as wingless; the evening stars after diving into dusk’s blood emerged shining!
(Reference to the defeat of Germans in World War I, which rendered them powerless)
ہوئے مدفون دریا زیر دریا تیرنے والے
طمانچے موج کے کھاتے تھے، جو، بن کر گہر نکلے

Those accustomed to swimming under the sea were buried under the sea. Those who bored ocean waves’ dashes emerged as pearls!
(Allusion to the inability of submarines, invented by Germans, to win the war)
غبار رہ گزر ہیں، کیمیا پر ناز تھا جن کو
جبینیں خاک پر رکھتے تھے جو، اکسیر گر نکلے

Those who were proud of alchemy are like the way side dust! Those who humbly prostrated before God emerged as elixir makers!
(Allusion to scientists and materialists)
ہمارا نرم رو قاصد پیام زندگی لایا
خبر دیتی تھیں جن کو بجلیاں وہ بے خبر نکلے

Our slow-moving messenger has brought the message of life: Those who got electric messages emerged as uninformed!
(Allusion to spiritual persons whose spiritual powers attain what arms and ammunition cannot.)
حرم رسوا ہوا پیر حرم کی کم نگاہی سے
جوانان تتاری کس قدر صاحب نظر نکلے

The Haram has been disgraced by the priests’ short-sight; with what excellent insight the Tatar youth have come out!
(This refers to the damage to the Holy Land and the world of Islam in general and to the glory and sanctity of the Holy Ka‘bah in particular by the treachery of the Arabs.)
زمیں سے نوریان آسماں پرواز کہتے تھے
یہ خاکی زندہ تر، پائندہ تر، تابندہ تر نکلے

Angels, the denizens of celestial world, were saying to the earth: These earthly men emerged more lively, more virulent, more splendid!
جہاں میں اہل ایماں صورت خورشید جیتے ہیں
ادھر ڈوبے، ادھر نکلے ادھر ڈوبے، ادھر نکلے

The men of Faith live in the world like the sun; set here, come out there, set there, come out here!
(Allusion to the Holy Qur’an 2:154 and 3:169, according to which people who lose their physical life in the cause of God should not be considered as dead. Also, the light of Truth which illuminates the heart of a man of Faith cannot be extinguished. Faith keeps on fighting and struggling in the pursuit of their goal incessantly all over the world in cooperation with each other. This makes the infidels lose the war at the end.)
یقیں افراد کا سرمایہ تعمیر ملت ہے
یہی قوت ہے جو صورت گر تقدیر ملت ہے

The individual’s Faith is the means of national renaissance; this is the force which shapes the nation’s destiny!
تو راز کن فکاں ہے، اپنی انکھوں پر عیاں ہو جا
خودی کا راز داں ہو جا، خدا کا ترجماں ہو جا

You are the secret of Kun Fikoon*, be manifest to yourself; become the knower of the secret of Khudi, become interpreter of God.
* This is an invitation to Muslims to realize the greatness of Man and specially that of Muslims, whose life is totally dedicated to God and who live for and die in His cause. This whole stanza is an invitation to the Muslim Ummah to acquire Islamic virtues.)
ہوس نے کر دیا ہے ٹکڑے ٹکڑے نوع انساں کو
اخوت کا بیاں ہو جا، محبت کی زباں ہو جا

Human greed has torn the human race into pieces; be the declaration of fraternity, become the language of Love.
یہ ہندی، وہ خراسانی، یہ افغانی، وہ تورانی
تو اے شرمندئہ ساحل! اچھل کر بے کراں ہو جا

This is Indian, that Khurasanian, this Afghanian, that Turanian is: O you disgraced by nationalism, jump out and become boundless.
غبار آلودئہ رنگ ونسب ہیں بال و پر تیرے
تو اے مرغ حرم! اڑنے سے پہلے پرفشاں ہو جا

Your wings and plumage are polluted with race and colour’s dust; O Haram’s bird! Flutter your wings before you become ready for flight.
(Haram’s Bird: Muslim Ummah)
خودی میں ڈوب جا غافل! یہ سر زندگانی ہے
نکل کر حلقہ شام و سحر سے جاوداں ہو جا

O imprudent one! Dive in Khudi, this is the secret of life; relinquishing the narrow confines of time become eternal.
مصاف زندگی میں سیرت فولاد پیدا کر
شبستان محبت میں حریر و پرنیاں ہو جا

In the battle of life acquire the nature of steel. In the Love’s bed-chamber become soft like silk.
(This and the next verse is an allusion to the Holy Qur’an 48:29, which instructs Muslims to unite and be firm against infidels and kind and affectionate to believers.)
گزر جا بن کے سیل تند رو کوہ و بیاباں سے
گلستاں راہ میں آئے تو جوئے نغمہ خواں ہو جا

Transcend mountains and deserts like a furious flood; if there be a garden in your path, become a melodious brook.
ترے علم و محبت کی نہیں ہے انتہا کوئی
نہیں ہے تجھ سے بڑھ کر ساز فطرت میں نوا کوئی

The bounds of your Knowledge and Love are none; melody sweeter than you in the Divine orchestra is none!
ابھی تک آدمی صید زبون شہریاری ہے
قیامت ہے کہ انساں نوع انساں کا شکاری ہے

Humanity is still the helpless prey to imperialism; outrageous that Man is the hunter of the human race!
نظر کو خیرہ کرتی ہے چمک تہذیب حاضر کی
یہ صناعی مگر جھوٹے نگوں کی ریزہ کاری ہے

The glitter of modern civilization dazzles the eye, but this is the luster of unreal jewels only!
وہ حکمت ناز تھا جس پر خرو مندان مغرب کو
ہوس کے پنچہ خونیں میں تیغ کارزاری ہے

The science which was the pride of the West’s sages is the battle-sword in the blood-stained clutches of greed!
(Allusion to the atrocities to and usurpation of the wealth of non-European peoples, especially Muslims by the Europe’s imperialist nations during their entire history)
تدبر کی فسوں کاری سے محکم ہو نہیں سکتا
جہاں میں جس تمدن کی بنا سرمایہ داری ہے

The magic of prudence cannot make stable the civilization which is based on capitalism.
(This is a warning by Allamah Iqbal that the Western system, based on capitalism-imperialism, will not last in spite of the magic of political maneuvering. In view of the collapse and ultimate demise of the communist world this seems to be paradoxical. This is so because we are accustomed to considering only two systems, i.e. capitalism and communism. The Muslim world has been so much frustrated and over-awed by the glitter of the Western world that it has completely forgotten the potential of the Islamic political-economic system. Allamah Iqbal’s works also give the false impression that he was pro-Communist and anti-capitalist. However, a little thought and deep study of his works would show that his support of communism was only apparent and transient and revealed only his temporary satisfaction in the sense that in his view the advent of communism posed the first threat to the capitalist system. The capitalist-communist fighting gave the Muslims a respite and a golden opportunity to reconstruct their material and spiritual world and eventually be able to deal a final deadly blow to both these systems and establish the Islamic system. He has repeatedly shown his disapproval and unhappiness with the communist system, as he has done with the capitalist system. His forecast contained in this verse has been partially fulfilled in the demise of communism. Now that the Islamic world is waking up from its deep stupor the conflict with the Western world and its systems is inevitable. In this conflict the Islamic system will succeed. However, it will not come as a miracle but will have to be achieved by the Muslim world through their sweat and blood. This latter thought is conveyed in the next two verses.)
عمل سے زندگی بنتی ہے جنت بھی، جہنم بھی
یہ خاکی اپنی فطرت میں نہ نوری ہے نہ ناری ہے

Dynamism establishes life; bestows heaven as well as hell; this earthly creature in its nature is neither angelic nor infernal.
خروش آموز بلبل ہو، گرہ غنچے کی وا کر دے
کہ تو اس گلستاں کے واسطے باد بہاری ہے

Partake the nightingale’s clamour; open the flower bud as your person is the spring breeze for this garden.
(This and the following verses to the end of the poem contain the message of hope and prompting for struggle for Muslims. The climax is reached in the last verse of the poem in which the poet invites Muslims to revolutionize the world and establish the new Islamic world order.)
پھر اٹھی ایشیا کے دل سے چنگاری محبت کی
زمیں جولاں گہ اطلس قبایان تتاری ہے

The spark of Love has again risen from the Asia’s heart: the world is the parading ground of the satin-clad Tatars.
بیا پیدا خریدارست جان ناتوانے را
“پس از مدت گذار افتاد بر ما کاروانے را”

Come, a purchaser has appeared for this frail soul: ‘After a long time a caravan has arrived at our place.
(Allusion to the Holy Qur’an 12:19. The arrival of the caravan at the well into which Yusuf A.S. had been thrown was the turning point in his life. In the same way the present time, when the Western world is losing its credibility, is the turning point in the life of the Muslim Ummah.)
بیا ساقی نواے مرغ زار از شاخسار آمد
بہار آمد نگار آمد نگار آمد قرار آمد

Come, O cup-bearer, the sad bird’s music is coming from the bower; spring has come, the beloved has come, as the beloved has come tranquillity has come!
کشید ابر بہاری خیمہ اندر وادی و صحرا
صداے آبشاراں از فراز کوہسار آمد

The spring cloud has established its camp up hill and down dale; the sound of waterfalls from the mountain tops has come!
سرت گردم تو ہم قانون پیشیں سازدہ ساقی
کہ خیل نغمہ پردازاں قطار اندر قطار آمد

I have surrendered my life to you, O cup-bearer; you should also sing the future’s songs; because in rows after rows groups of singing birds have come!
کنار از زاہداں برگیروبے باکانہ ساغر کش
پس از مدت ازیں شاخ کہن بانگ ہزار آمد

Withdraw from the ascetics and fearlessly draw the wine cup; after long nightingale’s song from this old branch has come!
بہ مشتاقاں حدیث خواجہ بدر و حنین آور
تصرف ہاے پنہانش بچشمم آشکار آمد

Narrate to Lovers the traditions of Badr and Hunain’s Master;* his hidden meanings clear to my eyes have become!
* Reference to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.): The battles of Badr and Hunain are of critical importance in Islamic history. The former was the first battle between the fledgling Millat of Muslims in Madinah Munawarrah and the pagan Quraish. This battle was critical in that the victory of Muslims brought credibility and political stability to them. The battle of Hunain was fought immediately after the conquest of Makkah Mu‘zzamah. This battle also was decisive in the sense that Muslims were almost defeated on account of their pride and reliance on their numbers, arms and material resources instead of their Faith in the Truth of their mission and the help of God. Ultimately, the Muslims were victorious. This victory completed the sovereignty of the Islamic State of Madinah over the Arabian Peninsula and provided the launching pad for their expansion into the world.)
دگر شاخ خلیل از خون ما نم ناک می گرد
بیازار محبت نقد ما کامل عیار آمد

The other branch of Khalil is greening up with our blood; in Love’s market-place our currency full value has become.
سر خاک شہیدے برگہاے لالہ می پاشم
کہ خونش با نہال ملت ما سازگار آمد

I am sprinkling tulip petals at the martyr’s grave as his blood favorable to our nation’s sapling has become!
بیا تا گل بیفشانیم و مے در ساغر اندازیم
فلک را سقف بشگافیم و طرح دیگر اندازی

‘Come, so that we may sprinkle flowers and pour wine in cup; rend asunder the sky’s roof and establish a new foundation.’
(Translated by Dr M A K Khalil)


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