(Bal-e-Jibril-001) (میری نوا شوق سے شور حریم ذات میں) Meri Nawa-e-Shauq Se Shor Hareem-e-Zaat Mein

میری نوائے شوق سے شور حریم ذات میں غلغلہ ہائے الاماں بت کدئہ صفات میں ذات: باری تعالے کی ہستی ، وجود مطلق۔
A blaze is raging near His Throne by my strains that burn like flames; the cries of ‘Mercy!’ rise aloft from the Temple of His Names. Blaze: Conflagration. His Throne: The precincts of the Absolute Being or Harim-i-Zat, the original word in the text. Strains: Songs. Aloft: On high. Temple of His Names: The Temple of His attributes.

حور و فرشتہ ہیں اسیر میرے تخیلات میں میری نگاہ سے خلل تیری تجلیات میں

Houris and angels, all alike, my soaring thought can keep in hold: The moulds in which Thou dost reveal get ruffled by my glances bold. Moulds: Shapes i.e., the different aspects in which God displays Himself. Ruffled: Disturbed

گرچہ ہے میری جستجو دیر و حرم کی نقش بند میری فغاں سے رستخیز کعبہ و سومنات میں نقش بند: نقش باندھنے والا، نقّاش۔ رستخیز: قیامت۔

In my search and quest for Thee Cloisters and Kirks I did design, but my groans and woeful wails can shake the founds of Fane and Shrine. Cloister: a place of religious retirement, a sanctuary. Kirk: Scotch equivalent for church. Founds: Foundations. Pane: Temple. Shrine: Sanctuary.

گاہ مری نگاہ تیز چیر گئی دل وجود گاہ الجھ کے رہ گئی میرے توہمات میں

There were times when my vision sharp pierced the heart and core of Life: Time again, fell short of mark by mine inner doubts and strife. Mark: Target.

تو نے یہ کیا غضب کیا، مجھ کو بھی فاش کر دیا میں ہی تو اک راز تھا سینہء کائنات میں!

I was the only secret veil’d in Nature’s Womb in Latent form: When I was brought to light for show, what wondrous act Thou didst perform! Womb: Uterus, the organ in which the young of mammals are developed and kept till birth, the word in the poem is Sina-i-Kainat. Latent: Hidden. (Translated by Syed Akbar Ali Shah)

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